About KONO green living company in Bali


KONO - a word of multiple meanings, ranging from standing steady, firm and determined to tree squirrel, in the Miwok-Native American language collecting nuts and keeping them as treasure, we in KONO collect "waste" from our customers and turn them into useful items and treasure too!


As of January 10, 2018, Bali Recycling officially becomes KONO, a green living company. This past few year has been an incredible one for Bali Recycling. Its time to focus our efforts and the first step was a major rebrand. We’re the same great people with the improve great service. With a brand new name comes, a brand new website solely focused on what we do best, helping and improving the environment.


As our business grows, we are looking for all possible ways to continuously improve and prepare ourselves as a company Bali would need. We are finding ways to increase the amount of materials we reclaim, jobs we create and services we provide according to the positive social, environmental and economic changes Bali is facing.