About Kono story and philosphy, a green living company and recycling company
About Kono story and philosophy green living company in bali, recycling




The world of Bali is, in short, incredible. Known as the island of gods, Bali is rich and filled to the brim with traditional arts, music, dances, sculptures, leathers, metalwork and most importantly cultures. Bali is also graced with all its natural attractions from beaches to cliffs, which carry with them the diversity of flora and fauna. It is then no doubt that a lot of tourists fell in love with Bali, and chose Bali as a home, away from home.

As the advancement of technologies arises, Bali cannot help but become conquered by machines. The machines that supply, consume and ultimately dispose of things. Things we all use in our day to day lives. But with the dawn of these machines, came too the daunting problem of waste.


“Seeing is believing” is an idiom that best explains the start of this company. The scar left in the heart of our founder, Olivier Pouillon, as he witnessed the passing of a young child at an illegal dumpsite in Bali, was what motivated him to go through with his cause that we in KONO adopted as our own, which is to bring solution to the ever-growing man-made problem of garbage in the small yet beautiful island.


Although officially established in 2010 (with our former name Bali Recycling), the initial seeds of the company can be traced back to when a group of Indonesians formed the Wisnu foundation. As an environmental studies graduate, our founder began his journey in environmental sustainability with Wisnu Foundation in 1993, and Jimbaran Lestari in 1995, before going through with Bali Recycling.

From 2010 onwards, we uphold the belief of zero-waste, as we create our very own services and products. Through this philosophy, we view waste not as waste but a resource in its way towards being used again and again. We turn garbage into beautiful products, in hope to keep Bali incredible. 


"There is no such thing as 'away'. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere."

—  Annie Leonard